ReThink User Experience with ReRAM

The World at Your Fingertips

Innovations in high-resolution displays drive demand for high-capacity storage solutions. A 4K ultra high-definition TV integrates 4X more pixels compared to 1080p full HD displays. The next generation 8K high-resolution displays require 100 Mbytes of storage for a single raw picture. Even with the most advanced compression codecs, the high-definition multimedia content requires huge bandwidth to be written and read without pre-buffering. The end-user experience will suffer from the inherent latencies introduced by the design and physics constraints of optical disks and NAND-Flash based solid-state drives.

CrossBar’s ReRAM provides much faster read and write speeds and high-density capabilities to answer the challenge of high-resolution displays and high-definition pictures by enabling a new category of solid-state drives based on 3D ReRAM. The potential integration of CMOS logic and 3D ReRAM storage in a single die enables great possibilities to build more robust and secure digital right management (DRM) protected media storage solutions.

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ReRAM Key Attributes for Consumer Electronics Applications: