ReThink Mobile Computing with ReRAM

Fast, Low Energy, High Density ReRAM

Smartphones have changed the world and the daily life, work and entertainment of people around the globe. Wearable devices are changing the way people interact with the world. Mobile computing users expect to have smaller, more portable, high-performance, low energy mobile devices. The deployed 4G networks and the dawn of 5G networks provide great bandwidth capabilities putting even more pressure on the mobile devices' storage requirements.

CrossBar’s ReRAM memory technology delivers 100X lower read latencies, 1000x faster write performance, 20x lower energy compared to today’s best-in-class NAND flash memory. Integrating such high-performance memory arrays on top of high-end application processors removes external memory bus bottlenecks, re-inventing mobile computing architectures with integrated ReRAM memory plus computing systems. Whether it’s a laptop, a tablet, or a smartphone, CrossBar ReRAM memory solutions are ideal for compact, robust, reliable and tightly integrated storage in mobile computing devices without sapping battery life.

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