ReThink Non-Volatile Memory with 3D ReRAM

100x lower read latency and 1000x faster write performance than flash

CrossBar’s ReRAM technology is based on a simple device structure using CMOS friendly materials and a standard manufacturing process. It can be easily integrated and manufactured into existing CMOS fabs. As it is a low temperature back-end-of-line process integration, multiple layers of CrossBar ReRAM arrays can be monolithically integrated on top of CMOS logic wafers in between any metal routing layers.

Unlike NAND flash memory whose performance degrades as it shrinks to smaller process nodes, CrossBar’s ReRAM scaling does not impact the device performance and has the potential to scale below 10nm.

Compared to traditional flash memory, CrossBar ReRAM offers much faster, bit-alterable, erase-free operation. It delivers 100x lower read latency and 1000x faster write performance than Flash, can be architected with smaller pages to reduce read and write latencies, lower energy and increased lifetime of the storage solutions.

In addition, the same technology used by CrossBar for Resistive RAM multiple time programmable (MTP), few-time programmable (FTP) and one-time programmable (OTP) non-volatile memories can be utilized for physically unclonable function (PUF) cryptographic keys for secure applications.

Read the “CrossBar ReRAM Technology” white paper to learn more:

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ReRAM Advantages: