ReThink Data Center Storage with ReRAM

A new tier of storage bridging NAND and DRAM speeds and cost

Smartphones, tablets and the Internet of Things are generating massive amounts of frequently uploaded data to the cloud. Enterprises' data center systems capture, store, process and share enormous amounts of data.

Cloud computing and “Big Data” are driving the growth and transformation of the data center. Data centers need high-performance, low latency and high-density storage solutions optimized to suit the challenges of customers' unique business needs.

CrossBar’s ReRAM memory technologies are answering the density and capacity, scalability, performance and latency challenges of data center storage, delivering compelling density and capacity, ultra-high performance, and energy efficiency over NAND flash. With innovative memory-centric architectures and NVDIMM storage solution designs, CrossBar ReRAM reduces the gap between data storage and computing and serves as the perfect new tier of storage between low cost per bit and slow NAND Flash as well as fast and high cost per bit DRAM.

In addition to its use as non-volatile memory, CrossBar’s ReRAM technology is ideal for use as physical unclonable function (PUF) keys for secure computing, communications and anti-counterfeiting applications. See “Secure Computing” application for additional information regarding CrossBar PUF keys.

Read the “Data Center Application” white paper to learn more:

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ReRAM Key Attributes for Data Center Applications: