ReThink ReRAM for Use as FTP or OTP Memory

Non-volatile Memory Flexibility

CrossBar Resistive RAM (ReRAM) is a non-volatile memory (NVM) that can be integrated into any complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (CMOS) semiconductor process. In addition to its High-Performance, High-Density NVM multiple-time programmable (MTP) memories, CrossBar NVM can also be utilized in highly secure few-time programmable (FTP) or one-time programmable (OTP) applications.

CrossBar has two versions of its ReRAM FTP and OTP technology:

  1. ReRAM MTP compatible FTP and OTP memories, and is planning a
  2. Custom FTP/OTP for higher density and shorter write times.

ReRAM MTP compatible FTP/OTP memories use the same ReRAM cell as CrossBar’s high-performance MTP in a single monolithic ReRAM memory. Because of this compatibility, the same memory and controller can be shared between standard MTP memory as well as FTP/OTP applications.

This MTP memory can be written 100,000 to 1,000,000 times. In this case, MTP, FTP, and OTP as well as physical unclonable function (PUF) keys can be flexibly partitioned within the same common ReRAM memory. In addition, CrossBar is planning an optimized ReRAM memory cell designed specifically for lower endurance FTP and OTP applications. This optimized version of FTP/OTP ReRAM memory is expected to result in significantly smaller die area and lower cost when larger amounts of embedded FTP and OTP memory storage are required (KBytes to MBytes).

Since MTP, FTP, OTP memories and PUF keys are able to share a monolithic ReRAM manufacturing process and control circuity, a single chip design can now support custom chips by dynamically re-sizing memory during test time, offering CrossBar business partners additional flexibility.

Whether your embedded NVM implementations require PUF keys or KBytes to MBytes of high-performance MTP, FTP or OTP memories, CrossBar’s ReRAM has the solution for you and your application.

Read the CrossBar ReRAM FTP/OTP Memory product brief to learn more:

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ReRAM FTP/OTP Memories are Ideal Memory Choices for Many Applications: