ReThink Artificial Intelligence with ReRAM

Discover the benefits of memory-centric computing

Artificial intelligence is opening a new era of computing by training machines to make sense of infinite amounts of data such as video streams, pictures, conversational speech or text files. Today, data has the opportunity to serve as a profit center as it trains algorithms and creates new applications. The more data, the smarter the AI algorithms will be.

Data coming from sensors can be stored on-chip and directly fed through deep neural networks to take direct actions. Non-volatile memory technologies, such as CrossBar ReRAM, can be directly integrated on-chip with processing logic enabling brand new memory-centric SoC architectures. The superior characteristics of ReRAM over legacy non-volatile memory technologies are helping to address the performance and energy challenges required by these algorithms. High-performance computing applications, such as intensive search or classification across massive amount of classes require high-bandwidth low latency data accesses across processors, storage and IOs. CrossBar ReRAM memory technologies provide significant improvements by reducing the performance gap between storage and computing.

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