ReThink Embedded Applications with ReRAM –

in Automotive, Industrial and Medical

Real-time industrial, automotive and medical applications demand high reliability, real-time response, high security, and fast data read and write. CrossBar ReRAM memory IP cores can be integrated on the same silicon die with real-time processing cores to eliminate the need for external memory components, which reduces latencies, IO power consumption and potential security weakness of the external memory bus.


Industrial automation systems rely on rapid, reliable data to maximize their efficiency. CrossBar’s ReRAM technologies address those requirements with fast read/write, bit/byte level alterability, high retention, wide temperature. With CrossBar embedded ReRAM, industrial MCUs are guaranteed to be much responsive while minimizing energy and physical footprint.


Data from a car’s onboard electronics must be processed and stored instantly, as any data loss at highway speeds could be catastrophic. CrossBar ReRAM technologies deliver unparalleled reliability, fast read/write, wide temperature range (up to 125 degrees C) to ensure safe and secure processing on the go, which are well suited to replace embedded NOR, stand-alone NOR/SPI and NAND in a variety of automotive applications.


Medical imaging applications such as ultrasound, CT scanning and MRI, for example, all have demanding read/write performance and reliability needs. Compared with NOR and NAND flash, which are based on the movement of electrons, CrossBar ReRAM is based on the movement of nano-filament ions. CrossBar ReRAM helps manufacturers meet the ever-increasing needs for higher speed, higher precision, lower power and smaller equipment while maintaining the high quality and reliability standards for medical applications.

In addition to its use as non-volatile memory, CrossBar’s ReRAM technology is ideal for use as physical unclonable function (PUF) keys for secure computing, communications and anti-counterfeiting applications. See “Secure Computing” application for additional information regarding CrossBar PUF keys.

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ReRAM Key Attributes for Industrial/Automotive/Medical Applications: