ReThink Data Storage with 3D ReRAM

Faster Access to Big Data

Crossbar Resistive RAM (ReRAM) T series IP cores are an ideal choice for high-density, low-latency memory applications such as data center storage, mobile computing, consumer electronics and artificial intelligence. They offer high density, low latency, high performance and low power in a non-volatile memory solution.

The data integrity and operational characteristics exceed current 3D NAND Flash. Depending on the business model, the IP cores can be provided to customers as hard macros that can be integrated into SoC or FPGA devices or used as stand-alone memory chips.

Crossbar is enabling a new class of data storage solutions that benefit from the superior characteristics of Crossbar’s 3D ReRAM technologies. Supported densities are from 8Gbits (1GBytes) to 1 Terabyte, or custom sizes.

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T Series Key Characteristics:

T Series IP Cores are Ideal Memory Choices for Many Applications: