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CrossBar Joins Embedded Vision Alliance

Santa Clara, CA – April 30, 2018 - CrossBar Inc., the ReRAM technology leader, today announced that it has joined the Embedded Vision Alliance®, a worldwide industry partnership bringing together technology providers and end-product companies who are enabling innovative and practical applications for computer vision.

“Many companies are looking to next-generation embedded memory technologies to enable low-power, high performance and cost-effective AI at the edge,” said Sylvain Dubois, vice president of strategic marketing and business development at CrossBar. “We believe there will be embedded ReRAM on every AI chip. We look forward to working across the Embedded Vision Alliance ecosystem to accelerate partnerships and collaboration to design new architecture for machine intelligence.”

AI at the edge is to push as much AI processing as possible to the edge of the network to reduce the distance and latency to the cloud, increase user privacy and security to the device itself and increase battery life.

CrossBar ReRAM embedded non-volatile memory technology is used to store the AI knowledge base on the same silicon die as computing cores running neural networks and AI algorithms. Having trained models and algorithms on the same silicon die enables massive amounts of computational bandwidth at the lowest energy consumption.

“We are pleased to welcome CrossBar to the Embedded Vision Alliance,” said Jeff Bier, founder of the Embedded Vision Alliance. “Memory is an essential building block of vision-enabled products, and CrossBar’s expertise is a valuable addition to our ecosystem of innovative, embedded AI technology suppliers.”

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CrossBar is the leader in ReRAM technology, enabling kilobytes to terabytes of always-on data storage to be embedded into any processor, microcontroller, FPGA or as a standalone memory chip. CrossBar ReRAM lets designers rethink the compute/storage paradigm, free from the constraints of traditional flash and DRAM memories. From “persistent memory” that brings data closer to CPU to “cognitive memory” that enables in-memory computing without a host CPU, ReRAM is ushering in a new era of data storage and processing for both edge and cloud computing. For more information, visit


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