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CrossBar CEO George Minassian Presents New Class of Non-Volatile Memory at GSA Memory+ Conference

Discusses ReRAM Breakthroughs for ReThinking Electronics Systems

SHANGHAI, China – June 8, 2017 - CrossBar CEO George Minassian recently spoke at the Global Semiconductor Association (GSA) Memory+ Conference in Shanghai and unveiled how visionary innovators can rethink the traditional constraints of electronics system design and usher in the next era of the user experience in digital societal transformation - from artificial intelligence, machine learning and neural networks, to distributed data centers, device-less mobile computing, and more.

“In the new, coming age of artificial intelligence, neural networks and machine learning, data will be the new “air”, ubiquitously available wherever, whenever it is needed in real-time”, said Minassian. “Any latency introduced by cloud-based storage and retrieval of data will literally suffocate the systems and businesses that will rely on the instant access to that data to perform, survive and thrive.”

Minassian presented the future of data access with ReRAM, including some key takeaways:

View the presentation here.


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CrossBar is the leader in ReRAM technology, enabling kilobytes to terabytes of always-on data storage to be embedded into any processor, microcontroller, FPGA or as a standalone memory chip. CrossBar ReRAM lets designers rethink the compute/storage paradigm, free from the constraints of traditional flash and DRAM memories. From “persistent memory” that brings data closer to CPU to “cognitive memory” that enables in-memory computing without a host CPU, ReRAM is ushering in new era of data storage and processing for both edge and cloud computing. For more information, visit


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