Crossbar Breathes New Life into Non-volatile Memory

Logic products such as microprocessors generally increase their performance and functionality as the manufacturing of those products moves to smaller and smaller geometries. However, the opposite is true with Flash memory. Flash memory technologies generally degrade in performance and reliability as they are manufactured on smaller and smaller nodes. Experts predict that the end is near – when current non-volatile technologies can no longer operate with high reliability and performance. Therefore, it is widely recognized that a new Flash memory technology is needed to replace the old floating-gate technologies used by the majority of the products on the market today.

Crossbar has developed a game-changing, new class of non-volatile memory storage based upon resistive RAM (RRAM) technology – a technology generally accepted as the most likely to win in the future.

Crossbar’s RRAM technology will deliver 20x faster write performance; 20x lower power consumption; and 10x the endurance at half the die size, compared to today’s best-in-class NAND Flash memory. With that breakthrough performance and reliability, very high capacity and low power consumption, Crossbar’s RRAM technology will enable a new wave of electronics innovation for consumer, enterprise, mobile, industrial and connected device applications.