Crossbar ReRAM Advantages

A new wave of electronic device innovation is coming with Crossbar’s breakthrough performance, reliability, very high capacity and low power consumption.

  • Why is Flash Technology Running Out of Steam?

    Memory is everywhere, but with the explosion of data driven by the Internet of Things and cloud-based storage and services, a new approach to memory technology is needed. Get a glimpse of what Crossbar ReRAM can deliver to revolutionize storage innovation.

  • Crossbar ReRAM - A New Approach to Enterprise Storage

    Traditional storage technologies are running out of steam in the areas most crucial to cloud computing and storage: latency, and density. Enterprises need a better, faster approach to storing and managing data. Crossbar ReRAM solutions meet these challenges.

  • Crossbar ReRAM - Enabling a New Wave of Wearable Device Innovation

    Traditional memory technology could stifle wearable innovation. But Crossbar ReRAM requires a fraction of the energy, operates much faster and provides amazing amounts of storage in a tiny space with no loss of performance.

  • Crossbar ReRAM - Storage Innovation for the IoT

    The Internet of Things. It’s the next mega-trend, connecting billions of devices to the Internet. But there are some obstacles in the way, like traditional memory technology. Crossbar ReRAM is the answer.

Crossbar ReRAM Transforms the Future of Electronics

Redefine what's possible for your next embedded application with Crossbar ReRAM.

Industry Buzz

  • Convergent Semiconductors logo

    "ReRAM is widely considered the obvious leader in the battle for a next generation memory and Crossbar is the company most advanced, showing a working demo that proves the manufacturability of ReRAM. This is a significant development in the industry, as it provides a clear path to commercialization of a new storage technology, capable of changing the future landscape of electronics innovation. "

    Sherry Garber

    Founding Partner

    Convergent Semiconductors

  • IHS Technology logo

    "Ninety percent of the data we store today was created in the past two years. The creation and instant access of data has become an integral part of the modern experience, continuing to drive dramatic growth for storage for the foreseeable future. However, the current storage medium, planar NAND, is seeing challenges as it reaches the lower lithographies, pushing against physical and engineering limits. The next generation non-volatile memory, such as Crossbar's ReRAM, would bypass those limits, and provide the performance and capacity necessary to become the replacement memory solution."

    Michael Yang

    Senior Principal Analyst, Memory and Storage

    IHS Technology

  • Artiman Ventures logo

    "We are thrilled to see Crossbar achieve a significant industry milestone and produce its first working array in CMOS production facility. We are one step closer to achieving our goal of commercializing a completely new class of memory using a much simpler cell structure than traditional flash alternatives. Artiman is excited to continue working with Crossbar to revolutionize the memory industry."

    Yatin Mundkur


    Artiman Ventures

  • Webfeet Research logo

    "Without an effective way to suppress the sneak path current, high-density 3D ReRAM has been technically unachievable. Crossbar's selector is the first solution to overcome this design challenge, paving the way for terabyte storage-on-a-chip to become a reality and positioning ReRAM as the leading next generation NAND memory replacement."

    Alan Niebel

    Founder and CEO

    Webfeet Research

  • Forward Insights logo

    "When Crossbar first emerged from stealth-mode, there was no question that flash memory was running out of steam and the industry had set its sights on ReRAM as the next generation technology with the most promise for high density non-volatile memory. Since then, the company has achieved major technical advances and with this announcement, we now have silicon proof of Crossbar ReRAM technology and can see a potential path towards the commercialization of a next generation storage technology."

    Greg Wong

    Founder, President and Principal Analyst

    Forward Insights

  • Objective Analysis logo

    "Crossbar came out of stealth mode with a fascinating new alternative memory technology. Key to their solution is the selection device built into the cell. Other ReRAM technologies use an external device that can introduce noise problems. With this, Crossbar appears to have an important advantage."

    Jim Handy


    Objective Analysis